Building the Glen-L HOT ROD

Gayle Brantuk, VP Glen-L Marine Designs out for a ride at the Glen-L Boatbuilder Gathering,
Lake Nickajack, Tennessee, September 7-9, 2012

Welcome to Kane Custom Boats' Home Page !   This web site chronicles the construction of a Glen-L Marine Designs  17' V-drive ski boat.  This 1960's style v-drive ski boat will be powered by a 355 cubic inch Chevrolet small block V8.

We've included many photos to illustrate the various steps in the boatbuilding process, with particular attention being given to the mechanical components of the build.  I hope you'll enjoy viewing the full-size mockup, boat, marine engine rebuilding and Glen-L 2100 trailer construction photos.

Feel free to contact us if you are a Glen-L builder in the Ottawa/Hull/Gatineau area, have any questions about the Glen-L Hot Rod or need advice or help with your inboard installation.

Kane Custom Boats Ltd. is a Transport Canada registered recreational boatbuilder. Our Manufacturer's Identification Code is YPB.  


Website updates         (13-FEB-2015)

We've added a new Propeller Page tab on the feft hand Navigation Bar.   You'll find new content and links to downloadable Excel spreadsheet calculators :

  • Shaft HP VS Speed Calculator
  • PropCalcPlus Propeller Calculator
  • Diameter-HP-RPM Formula
  • Calculate Shaft Angle from strut drop and transmission output flange location
  • Propeller Slip Calculator
  • Theoretical Speed Table
  • Calculate HP required to go faster
  • More Propeller Calculators
Propeller Page

Latest updates

New project ! 1969 Triumph GT6 Restoration Project         (09-MAR-2024)

We just started a new car restoration project.  It's a 1969 Triumph GT6+.  We seem to be building boats and vehicles that we knew from our youth.  The Hot Rod was one, and the GT6 was a sports car that I spent a lot of time wrenching on for a neighbor when I was 16 years old.

Follow along as we resurrect this classic sports car on our new website :

1969 Triumph GT6 Restoration Project

For Sale : Glen-L Thunderbolt v-drive ski boat - Chatham, Ontario (03-MAR-2024)         (17-MAR-2024)

Click here for a better view.

Offered For Sale is a newly custom built Glen-L Thunderbolt 17ft. V-drive ski-boat powered by a 350 CID SBC Chevy.  Hallcraft v drive, Interlux paint, West System epoxy.  Boat runs 60 mph as is.  With some engine work with current gearing, 65-70 MPH would be attainable.  New gears can be swapped in in less than an hour.  Trailer and some spare parts are included.

If you're thinking of building a Glen-L Ski boat, purchasing this boat would save you a lot of time and money over building it from scratch.

The seller is a fellow Glen-L boat builder whose Kijiji ad has expired.  Until it is renewed, if you're interested in the boat, send me an email at (replace '+' with '@').

To view the latest photos, click on the 'Last Revised' links below.
Boat construction photos

Last revised 13-FEB-2015
Engine rebuilding and marinisation photos

Last revised 24-APR-2010
Glen-L 2100 trailer construction photos.

Last revised 16-JUL-2011
Full-size mockup construction photos
Full size Mockup

Last revised 07-JAN-2005
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